Managing 105+ Locations, Made Simpler with Leasecake

Orlando-based Team Oney Brands operates more than 105 retail outlets throughout Central Florida in businesses that include Papa John’s, Qdoba Mexican Eats, and Topper’s Creamery locations. Before Leasecake, Brian Dixon, Director of Real Estate at Team Oney Brands used a complicated series of spreadsheets, calendar reminders, and printouts to keep track of properties and relationships. He had trouble accessing information about his locations quickly and easily.

Leascake gave Dixon and Team Oney Brands a tool designed to provide access to everything he needed wherever he was. “Before, I could access the information from those sources, but it wasn’t always easy. If someone asked me a question about a lease and I wasn’t in the office, I could go through 15 steps on my phone and get the information they needed. But it was time-consuming. Now I use Leasecake, and it helps tremendously because all the information is at my fingertips on my phone, on my iPad, and on my desktop.”

“With so many stores, there are multiple things I have to do on a daily basis,” said Dixon. “Leasecake gives me all the information I need wherever I am.”

Here are some of the results after having adopted Leasecake:

  • 24/7 Access: Instant access to all the lease and location data needed for any of his locations at a moment’s notice.
  • Single Source of Truth: All lease and location data is organized and accessible for the whole team.
  • ASC 842 Compliance: Accounting and reporting is simple and easy, without having to struggle in excel spreadsheets to prepare for upcoming audits.
  • Customer Support: Professional, friendly service that feels like an extension of your team, not a robot.

See the full case study here: TEAM ONEY_ Leasecake Case Study

Leasecake makes lease and location management a piece of cake for retail and medtail tenants. Managing your portfolio of leased properties is now simple and accessible by organizing all lease and location details, time sensitive events, lease accounting, documents, and more into one easy-to-use platform.

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