Leasecake is lease and location management made easy for the franchise industry, providing a pain-killing application that helps proactively oversee one of the largest risks in their business – their real estate leases.

Orlando, Florida, United States


Who do you serve?

Franchisors, Multi Unit Franchisees, Single Unit Franchisees

Do you require a relationship with the franchisor?


Approximately how many franchise brands do you work with?


Approximately how many franchise organizations do you work with or serve?


What types of brands do you serve?

Startup (1-10), Emerging (11-100), Regional (101+), National (501+)

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What industries within franchising do you serve?

Specialty Retail, Health-Beauty-Wellness, Fast Casual, QSR, Full Service Restaurants, Children's Services, Pet Services, Automotive

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  • Location Management
  • Real Estate Software
  • Lease Management
  • Franchise Development Software

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Greater Orlando Area, East Coast, Southeastern US

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Founded in 2017, Leasecake is a lease & location management made easy for commercial landlords, brokers & tenants, saving time & money to minimize their largest risk. Everyone owns or leases real estate in their business. Across thousands of business events in a portfolio, we automate, organize, and notify customers of their key dates, make payments, document and communicate critical information across business teams. Managing commercial real estate is complex and mistakes are expensive across multiple locations. We manage the largest exposure for businesses – their real estate leases.

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G2 Fall 2022 Leader Award

G2 Fall 2022 Easiest To Use Award

G2 Fall 2022 Best Meets Requirements Award

G2 Fall 2022 Fastest Implementation Award

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