Franchise Development Technology from Top Suppliers

As technology advances, the importance of understanding and optimizing this aspect of your franchise business only grows. Ahead of our next Supplier Discovery Day on the topic, we asked our panelists (executives at 5 top franchise development technology brands) what they think is the most important thing to focus on this year

“Effectively working franchise candidate leads using a structured Franchise Sales process that uses automated email and SMS campaigns segmented by Lead Sources.” Jam Hashmi | CEO, FranchiseSoft / ClickTecs

“Portals have a bad rap in the industry but ironically are the least expensive and most data rich way to connect with prospective zees. There are ways to be smart about your marketing spend and about maximizing your ROI so that you get the most out of every source. With data you can be strategic about retargeting and nurturing prospects through the sales funnel.” Nicole Amico | COO, Metric Collective / FranchiseHelp / FranFunnel

“The importance of creating customized prospect criteria and profiles utilizing advanced data aggregation. Our platform has up to 14,000 data points on every individual in the U.S.” Greg Cook | President, Silvercrest


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