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Silvercrest is a technology company that engineers sophisticated marketing and media solutions for brands, with our proprietary technology, Local Marketing Automation Platform: LMap.

Palm Springs, California, United States

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Who do you serve?

Franchisors, MU Franchisees and Single Unit Franchisees

Do you require a relationship with the franchisor?


Approximately how many franchise brands do you work with?


What types of brands (Startup 1-10, Emerging 21-100, Regional 100+, National 501+)?

Startup 1-10, Emerging 21-100, Regional 100+, National 501+

Approximately how many franchisees do you serve?


What industries within franchising do you specialize in?

Specialty retail, entertainment, health/beauty/wellness, QSR, FSR, fast casual, home services, children's services, pet services, automotive, etc

Would you offer special pricing when connected through FSN?

Maybe so!

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  • Digital Asset Management
  • Print on Demand
  • Local Store Marketing
  • Media Planning and Media Buying
  • Specialty Products & Apparel

Headquarters Regions
Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US

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Founded in 2011 due to a growing need for franchises to access marketing and media efficiently, Silvercrest is an agency dedicated to delivering brand solutions for franchise and multi-unit organizations. We leverage a combination of proprietary technology, customer data, marketing needs, and media buying, and harnessed all of this in one sophisticated yet simple platform: LMap.

Our marketing portal, LMap, which stands for Local Marketing Automation Platform, helps companies market their brand on a national and local level from social media and digital marketing to all forms of paid media. We are an agency with the ability to act as an extension of your marketing team to deliver programmatic and sophisticated channel software technology solutions.

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