Wendy’s Multi-Unit Franchisee Finds Success with C Squared Advisors

C Squared Advisors is an independent investment bank that provides financial and transaction advisory services to multi-unit owners in the restaurant and franchise industries.

They have had the pleasure to work alongside renowned multi-unit operators like Gary Miller, the CFO of Carolina Restaurant Group and a 108-unit Wendy’s franchisee.

“I’ve worked with Carty on numerous transactions. When working with Carty, you always know where you stand. I’m in a position to provide timely updates to our shareholders partially due to his collaboration on our goals and priorities. C Squared’s understanding of the industry, our brand, and the big picture, in addition to their attention to detail, makes them an ideal financial advisor, as evidenced by our many engagements with them.” – Gary Miller, CFO of Carolina Restaurant Group, 100+ Wendy’s Franchisee.

As the most experienced and multi-skilled industry advisory firm, C Squared assists in optimizing the financial performance of clients’ businesses, position clients to maximize the value of their businesses, while guiding clients and managing the complex transactions to help achieve clients’ goals. Their long-term clients include multi-unit franchisees, franchisors, independent brands, family businesses, large corporations, investors, lenders, private equity investors and family offices.

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