C Squared Advisors, LLC

C Squared Advisors, LLC


Squared Advisors is an independent investment bank that provides financial and transaction advisory services to multi-unit owners in the restaurant and franchise industries.

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA
Less than 10


Who do you serve?

Franchisors, Multi Unit Franchisees

Do you require a relationship with the franchisor?


Approximately how many franchise brands do you work with?

Approximately how many franchise organizations do you work with or serve?

Hundreds of franchisees and franchisors.

What types of brands do you serve?

Startup (1-10), Emerging (11-100), Regional (101+), National (501+)

Would you offer special pricing when connected through FSN?

What industries within franchising do you serve?

Health-Beauty-Wellness, Fast Casual, QSR, Full Service Restaurants, Home Services & Commercial Services, Pet Services, Automotive

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  • Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)
  • Fast Casual
  • Home Services & Commercial Services
  • Health-Beauty-Wellness
  • Automotive
  • Full-Serve Restaurants

Headquarters Regions
Pinehurst, NC

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C Squared Advisory Group, LLC is an independent investment bank providing financial and transaction advisory services to the restaurant, franchise, and multi-unit retail industries. As the most experienced and multi-skilled industry advisory firm, we assist in optimizing the financial performance of clients’ businesses, position clients to maximize the value of their businesses, while guiding our clients and managing the complex transactions to help achieve clients’ goals. Our long-term clients include multi-unit franchisees, franchisors, independent brands, family businesses, large corporations, investors, lenders, private equity investors and family offices.

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