Generative A.I. for your Customer Reviews

Generative A.I. for your Customer Reviews

As companies are increasingly confronted with the new frontier of technological innovation, they will also need to integrate these tools within their workflows to remain competitive with their clientele. dbSeer is the partner you want to guide you in learning through practice, as practice makes perfect. Currently, companies have a real need to align the promises of advanced technology with their real-world, practical applications.

Case Study: Leveraging A.I. to Keep Your Customers Happy

In a recent project with a B2C client, dbSeer harnessed the power of automation and artificial intelligence to revolutionize their operations. Automation and A.I. can significantly enhance productivity and streamline processes – if you understand how best to use it.

When looking at their needs, we assessed that their Google Review management was a process that could be automated. Managing a growing number of reviews can be an overwhelming task for businesses. And yet, businesses that respond to just a single customer review earn 4% more revenue on average. However, 75% of businesses choose to not respond to their reviews. This is largely due to the time that it takes to respond, and other issues taking priority. Automation, however, can offer an effective solution to this problem.

With the right tools, companies can now not only assess sentiment, but also craft personalized responses that aren’t a one-size-fits-all approach, all while remarkably reducing the time it takes.

In our case, to efficiently manage this feedback, dbSeer developed a script powered by A.I. This script not only scanned through the reviews but also generated appropriate responses. To help improve the A.I.’s performance, our team categorized responses as positive or negative and even identified potential issues, such as pricing concerns or opportunities for additional product offerings to help further advance the responses and feedback. We then provided a sample to A.I. for further automated responses.

Our team successfully processed 500 Google reviews, gaining valuable insights to help move our client forward. As an example, A.I. discerned that one review was made during a particularly cold November. This insight allowed us to craft a response that demonstrated our commitment to customer satisfaction during this season: truly providing a very personalized response to a cherished customer.

Return on Investment

Online reputation is everything and the first thing a customer looks at is online reviews. 91% of 18- to 34-year-olds trust reviews online as much as personal recommendations – this clearly means that the importance managing these reviews should not be underestimated.

According to one survey, 60% of consumers feel that the number of reviews a business has is a key indicator of whether or not they will use their services. The more, the better.

But your employees shouldn’t spend their entire workday on customer reviews. A.I. and automation are critical to streamline this process. And by tracking metrics like customer retention, an increase in positive reviews (or reviews overall), and other key performance indicators, companies can gauge the value of automation in this process. Just the time saved by using this technology should be a measure of success!

Striking a Balance

dbSeer understands the importance of providing a human to bot balance. Customer reviews should still feel connected to your company’s mission and purpose. Automation’s role isn’t to replace human interactions but to enhance them. It streamlines processes, making them more efficient for customers, and employees alike: allowing for more ‘human work’ to be performed.

As we integrate automation into our daily operations, upholding ethical business practices is a must. Striking the right balance between efficient technology and ethical considerations might involve discussions about transparency, data privacy, and the importance of maintaining a human touch in customer interactions.

dbSeer can help your company find that balance, and continue to help grow a happy customer base.


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