dbSeer is a leading data analytics provider offering cutting-edge services to extract valuable insights from your data and drive growth. With experienced data scientists and industry insights, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and achieve lasting impact. Uncover hidden value in your data, from customer behavior to market trends, with dbSeer's expert analytics services.

McLean, Virginia, United States


Who do you serve?

Franchisors, Multi Unit Franchisees

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Approximately how many franchise brands do you work with?

Approximately how many franchise organizations do you work with or serve?

What types of brands do you serve?

Emerging (11-100), Regional (101+), National (501+)

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What industries within franchising do you serve?

Specialty Retail, Health-Beauty-Wellness, Fast Casual, QSR, Full Service Restaurants, Home Services & Commercial Services, B2B, Children's Services, Pet Services, Automotive, Other

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Headquarters Regions
Greater Washington D.C Area, Mid-Atlantic, East Coast US

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dbSeer is a data analytics consulting firm. We provide Franchisors IT support where they may not have the team in place. We can integrate your data platforms, so you have a complete view of your entire portfolio from measuring marketing activities and operational data to financial KPIs. We provide real-time dashboards and reports for you to measure your current business practices or look for ways to improve them.

For example: with Authority Brands, we built a Data Lake and Data Warehouse and implemented an analytics platform. The Achievements:

1. Create a Global Financial Data warehouse and a Reporting platform used by AB Finance Department

2. Integrate over 20 Data sources into one Data platform used by the Marketing team and over 1,000 franchisees

3. Increase Cross-sell Opportunities across brands

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dbSeer Delivers Financial Reporting Platform to Authority Brands

“dbSeer was able to figure things out on their own, which made things a lot easier. We were surprised at how much the team was able to do on their own, without our involvement or handholding.” – Christa Nebbeling, VP of Marketing Operations, Authority Brands

“The dbSeer team was professional, flexible, and patient in working with our schedules. Because of their extensive background with data warehouses and deep data and analytics expertise, we could trust them to make progress and deliver without oversight from us.”

“A key pain point for our finance team was the manual, time-consuming process of consolidating data and reporting for multiple brands. We now have a standardized reporting solution that helps us respond to our investors in a more timely fashion.” – Ali Tafreshi, CIO, Authority Brands

  1. Advanced Data Analytics: dbSeer leverages advanced analytics techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within your data. By applying statistical analysis, data mining, and predictive modeling, they provide a deeper understanding of your business dynamics and help forecast future trends.
  1. Customized Solutions: Recognizing that every business has unique needs, dbSeer crafts tailored analytics solutions. Their team collaborates closely with clients to design analytics strategies aligned with specific goals, ensuring maximum impact and relevance.
  1. Data Visualization: dbSeer’s data visualization expertise enhances comprehension and decision-making by transforming complex data into visually appealing insights. Interactive dashboards and visual representations make it easy to communicate findings across all levels of your organization.
  1. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics: dbSeer offers predictive and prescriptive capabilities beyond hindsight analytics. By identifying potential future outcomes and recommending actions, they empower proactive decision-making and strategy development.
  1. AI and Machine Learning: Integrating AI and machine learning technologies, dbSeer builds models that continuously learn from data patterns. This enables accurate predictions, real-time insights, and automation of repetitive tasks, boosting operational efficiency.
  1. Cloud-based Analytics: Capitalizing on cloud infrastructure, dbSeer ensures scalability and accessibility for analytics solutions. This allows businesses to process and analyze data at any scale, accommodating evolving data requirements.
  1. Strategic Insights: dbSeer provides data-driven insights and guides clients in translating those insights into actionable strategies. With their expertise, businesses can implement effective plans for growth and success.

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