FSN Testimonials from Franchisors + Suppliers

FSN Testimonials from Franchisors + Suppliers

At this year’s Franchise YoungConference, we were lucky enough to sit down with a dozen franchisors and supplier members to understand what makes this industry so unique, and where FSN fits in. We were thrilled to gather feedback on how franchise suppliers should show up for franchise brands, what franchisors can do to maintain strong supplier relationships, and how FSN can bridge the gap between the two.

Here are a few of the key soundbites we heard:

“I would recommend that franchise owners use FSN because there are a lot of suppliers and you could spend a ton of wasted time trying to go through 100 suppliers that can provide marketing services when, if you go to FSN, you can just be like, ‘Hey, we’re a restoration company, we need lead gen services.’ and find the perfect connection.” – Aaron Harper, CEO Rolling Suds

“Every franchise owner should leverage the Franchise Supplier Network to find their ideal partners because they know & understand the space, the different partners and what they’re doing. And that’s how you get the best partners – it’s not that random person that you might meet that reaches out to you, but with real testimonials and connections.” – Ashley Mitchell, SVP Marketing Streamline Brands

“FSN helps you cut through the clutter and find the right solution for whatever problem you’re trying to solve, and that’s great.” – Jaimeen Dalia, Founder FranTable

“Everything Zack & Ryan touch seems to have a lot of energy and momentum. And so I knew I wanted to be part of Franchise Supplier Network from the jump. But now that I’ve been a Member, I think what they’re building and vetting out with the right brands and the right suppliers is great, and just being part of that community is really valuable to us.” – Jeff Horst, CEO RocketBarn Marketing

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