FranTable is an independent and unbiased research platform for franchise buyers.

Austin, TX, United States
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Franchisors, Multi Unit Franchisees, Single Unit Franchisees

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Emerging (11-100), Regional (101+)

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  • Lead Generation
  • Franchise Development Technology
  • Franchisee Research Tool
  • Franchisor Profitability Search

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Greater Austin Area, Midwest, Southwestern US

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FranTable analyzes and summarizes the latest franchise information to help you make more informed decisions when buying a franchise.

At FranTable, we are franchise nerds who spend all day long analyzing the biggest household brands, hottest emerging brands, the stories behind them, their growth potential, and much more. Our goal is to provide the tools, information, and insights you need to navigate your franchise purchase.

We hope our research will save you time by offering information that is objective, backed by real data, and convenient to access. We want you to easily find the answers you need, so you can get back to growing your franchise portfolio.

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