Why Restaurants & Franchise Brands Use C Squared Advisors

C Squared Advisors is an independent investment bank that provides financial and transaction advisory services to multi-unit owners in the restaurant and franchise industries. They were formed to provide our clients with relevant industry expertise from experienced, practical and qualified professionals. They also understand the unique needs and challenges franchisees and franchisors face during a transaction.

C Squared Advisors offers an array of services including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Full or partial sale of a company
    • Acquisition of a company
    • Merger between companies
  • Financing
    • Debt and/or equity raise for acquisitions, new unit development and remodels
    • Total refinancing and debt consolidation
  • Refranchising
    • Divestiture of company-owned units
    • Market and organization planning
    • Identification and qualification of prospective buyers
  • Valuation
    • Exit strategy planning
    • Partner buy/sell agreements
    • Dispute resolution
    • Estate planning
  • Workouts/Restructures
    • Partnership Dissolution
    • Workouts/lender issues
    • Turnaround situations
  • Advisory Services
    • Lender covenant compliance reporting
    • P&L optimization
    • Project analysis and implementation

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