How ACG Saves Tropical Smoothie $136K Annually

ACG provides franchise owners enhanced recruitment, retention, and revenue through supplemental health benefits, empowering their work force and growing their franchise system.

ACG’s Encompassing Health Program utilizes a Section 125 plan that prioritizes preventative health and includes Group Hospital Fixed Indemnity Insurance. Their program does not disrupt or replace any Major Medical Plans, but rather enhances your current benefits for all employees.
Encompassing Health is at NO NET COST for employer or employee, and helps to address Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue concerns. By providing baseline health benefits, ACG routinely helps franchise owners increase profitability and decrease turnover by empowering employees to build a career in your franchise system.
Let’s see an example of how they help their clients:

ACG Employee Benefits


Archetype Consulting Group helps 22 unit franchise owner save $136k per year with Encompassing Health. The owner was looking at rising COGS and a $1 minimum wage increase that took place in the State of Florida in 2024.

The Numbers

  • Employee count: 250-550
  • Employees now covered with EH Benefits: 250-500
  • FICA savings: $136,500 annual savings ($5,687 per pay cycle*)


  1. Labor retention – bottom third of his workforce was a revolving door, too many part-time employees
  2. Talent recruitment
  3. Minimum wage increase
  4. Maintaining per unit profitability


Encompassing Health Program Includes

  1. Employers the opportunity to empower their employees to make a transition from a part time employee to a full time employee by providing them with health benefits for them and their family.
  2. As tool for employers to utilize in recruitment of more talented employees looking for stability and benefits
  3. Employees typically see an increase of 2-4% in net pay at no additional cost to the employer
  4. Employers gain immediate access to the $600 per employee FICA savings (on average) per pay cycle.

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