Woven Launches a New Software System for Engagement & Development

FSN Supplier Woven is a multi-unit business management software to optimize organization in companies and teams. Recently, a new addition to their software was announced. This new addition lives directly within the existing software and interacts with users daily. It can help users to perfect their training and onboarding which in turn, can make employees feel more committed and comfortable in their role.

The new features can make the training process easier by:

  • Creating high-quality training materials like quizzes, lessons, and more.
  • Allowing employees to create resources and materials directly through the platform instead of using a third party
  • Saving money by not paying per user and through the auto-removal process for former employees

Other capabilities include shift scheduling, policy enforcement, and corporate communications to name a few. Interested in learning more about Woven and their new software release?

Click here to learn more about Woven.

Click here to read the full press release.