Revolutionizing Franchise Expansion with TruTerritory by Vision Map

In a groundbreaking collaboration with GeoStrategies, Vision Map proudly introduces TruTerritory, a state-of-the-art tool exclusively brought to you by Morrow Hill. TruTerritory is set to redefine the landscape of franchise development with its unmatched flexibility and efficiency, enabling the creation of legally-binding franchise territories in a matter of seconds.

This revolutionary technology allows for the live creation of search areas and franchise territories from diverse geographic shapes, including zip codes, radii, counties, or states. During live sessions, users can access detailed data within each specified region, empowering them to craft territories that align seamlessly with their brand strategy. Upon completion of a new territory, a legally-binding report is instantly generated and sent to prospects in real time.

TruTerritory’s versatility is unparalleled, seamlessly integrating new search areas into a franchisor’s library. Morrow Hill positions Vision Map as the comprehensive mapping solution for franchises, offering a suite of sophisticated tools for optimized growth. Vision Map stands out by combining franchise development support, site placement optimization, site quad scoring, and market condition visibility on a single platform, setting a new standard in the industry.

This strategic innovation directly aligns with Morrow Hill’s brokerage team, ensuring a cohesive approach to franchise development. With Vision Map, businesses gain a strategic advantage—industry-leading, easy-to-use tools backed by strategic rollout support. TruTerritory is more than a tool; it’s a powerful ally for franchises committed to success.

TruTerritory Highlights:

  • Live creation of search areas from diverse geographic shapes
  • Instant generation of legally-binding territory reports in real time
  • Seamless integration of new search areas and territories into a franchisor’s library
  • Comprehensive suite of sophisticated tools for optimized growth

*TruTerritory isn’t just an innovation; it signifies a shift in franchise expansion. Morrow Hill is paving the way for businesses to redefine growth trajectories. TruTerritory, powered by Vision Map, offers an unprecedented advantage in the pursuit of franchise success. This is not just about technology; it’s about shaping the future of franchise development.*

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