How Suttle-Straus Drove $1.95M in Memberships for Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Swim School Franchising wanted to use a portion of their Brand Marketing Fund to drive memberships for their franchised swim schools, seeking a campaign that would be both effective and trackable to show beneficial results for each franchisee and a positive ROI on money spent.

Goldfish Swim School used Connected Mail, an omnichannel direct mail and digital campaign solution from Suttle-Straus, which included:

  • Direct Mail – oversized and personalized postcards sent to purchased lists of 2,500 households within a franchise’s service area based on the demographics of their ideal customer persona
  • Social Match – ads on Facebook and Instagram which are matched to the mailing list recipients for custom targeting
  • Mail Tracking – allowing them to see delivery percentage of mail and what day it was delivered
  • Informed Delivery – a clickable ad in an email from the USPS on the day the mail reaches the consumer’s mailbox
  • Online Follow-Up – Google display ads retargeting website visitors for 30 days
  • Social Media Follow-Up – Facebook and Instagram ads retargeting website visitors for 30 days
  • LeadMatch – collection of anonymous website visitors identified by IP to turn into a leads list for future campaigns

The campaign offer was a waived registration fee for new swim students. A 30-day matchback analysis was run at the end of the campaign to identify new members in the Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC system that resulted from the mailing campaign.

This campaign proved that direct mail is a viable acquisition tool for Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC franchisees to boost membership, both for opening new schools and benefiting existing schools.


“By incorporating additional touchpoints along the customer journey, our offer found its way in front of our core demographic on multiple channels. Best of all, we were able to track the attribution, measure the results and prove out the ROI for our network!” – SHANA KRISAN, CMO / Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC

Learn more about Suttle-Straus’ Connected Mail program here and complete a supplier needs assessment here to see if this solution could drive memberships for YOUR franchise brand!