Franchise Supplier Wire 029: Leveraging Programmatic Recruitment & Conversational AI in Everyday Recruiting

PandoLogic is a global market leader in programmatic recruitment and generative conversational A.I. solutions that effectively source, qualify and engage job candidates through intelligent automation.

In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, Ryan Hicks chats with Anthony Andre, Sales Leader of the Franchise Vertical for PandoLogic. PandoLogic’s customers consistently report significant increases in recruiter productivity, better candidate quality, faster hiring time, and reduced talent acquisition costs. More than a thousand top employers rely on PandoLogic to power their unique, specific recruiting requirements by driving superior, predictable outcomes.

Ryan and Anthony talk through programmatic recruitment for frontline workers, and how your franchisees can leverage conversational A.I. to give them a strategic advantage.

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