Your Top 3 Snapchat Questions Answered by Purple Penguin Digital

Your Top 3 SNAPCHAT Questions Answered by Purple Penguin

Purple Penguin Digital is a proven franchise marketing partner since 2009, delivering tangible results to its clients, with no contracts or hidden fees. Just results! Their specialty is partnering with the franchisor to build a custom marketing plan for their brand fund and delivering digital marketing solutions to franchisees as a preferred marketing supplier.

Keep reading below as one of the digital experts from their team dives into the importance of Snapchat or franchises:

Snapchat is known to have an incredibly diverse group of users. This unique platform attracts 75% of all Millenials and Gen Z’ers who have $4.4 TRILLION in global spending power. These 347 million users who are on Snapchat every day are ready to buy! As a franchise brand, if this is your target audience, you can capture this highly engaged, valuable marketplace at a fraction of the cost of Facebook.

Purple Penguin Digital’s Snapchat expert, Jessica Madsen, answers the most frequently asked questions by franchises. Here are the top three:

How can I grab the attention of these Snapchat users?

A: Use 5-10 second videos to capture their attention rather than longer videos or still images. This demographic of users like snippets to cater to their short attention spans.

What’s the best way to retarget them?

A: Take advantage of SwipeUp Remarketing. Once they’ve swiped on your ad the first time, you’ve planted the seed. SwipeUp Remarketing allows you to catch their attention further down the funnel.

How long should my campaign be? 

A: Snapchat uses AI to target your audience. Every time you start a new campaign, it has to relearn the parameters. Therefore, the most effective campaigns are continual. The longer they run, the more data it collects, making them more effective. Simply change the ad sets frequently while keeping the original campaign running.

Jessica says, “Advertising on Snapchat will cost an average of one-tenth what you’ll pay on Facebook per 1000 impressions. That means you’ll have a much wider reach for the same amount of ad spend.”

Snapchat users are an active bunch, spending on average 30 minutes a day on this social platform. Reaching this unique, highly diverse group of users is easy. Contact Purple Penguin Digital to discuss incorporating Snapchat advertising into your marketing mix.

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