3 New Methods To Reach Gen Z Consumers

Gen Z is one of the trickiest audiences to reach, but also one of the most important. If it feels like new trends, new features, and new platforms are popping up everyday, it’s because they are. The biggest takeaway? Staying current is key when it comes to reaching a younger audience. 

Here are some general tips to follow when trying to reach Gen Z consumers: 

  • Get to the point. The younger the generation, the shorter the attention span. This means it’s important to condense your information – short-form video and catchy carousels are a hit with this generation for this reason!
  • Utilize influencers. Influencers are a powerful tool to reach your audience. If targeted correctly, you can tap into your ideal audience. Influencers are also thought leaders and can help you position your brand authentically (authenticity is KEY with Gen Z)
  • Be mobile-friendly. It’s no surprise that the Internet-raised Gen Z responds more to digital marketing & social media than traditional marketing. It’s important to make sure you’re active on social media and telling a story your audience can respond to. 

Need a boost? These 3 FSN Suppliers can all help your franchise reach Gen Z consumers:

  1. NOCAP Sports. If you’re in the athletics field, this platform is for you! Use NOCAP’s tools to connect with sports influencers based on who you’re audience might be following and track an athlete’s engagement rate. Connect with NOCAP Sports
  2. Rallio. Simplify your franchise’s social media strategy so you can grow, engage, and expand your digital community. Connect with Rallio
  3. Voxie. What better way to reach Gen Z than texting? Schedule texts and engage with customers to create even deeper brand loyalty. Connect with Voxie