Mobile Detailer YouTuber IMJOSHV Reviews PocketSuite

With over 7,000 service-based businesses running on PocketSuite, the tool combines an all-in one scheduling, sales and operations tool with roll-up data analytics to power franchise system success.

As a franchise system owner or operator, you have a growing network of franchisees looking to you for guidance and support on everything from opening, managing and growing their businesses. PocketSuite makes it easy to onboard new franchisees, manage existing locations and track performance. Online booking, CRM, text-based communication and built-in payment processing ensure high customer satisfaction and retention. Integrated forms and contracts guarantee collection of all required information and signatures ahead of time. With your franchise system operating on one platform, you will have verified income data, roll up reporting and automatic royalty collections. All this and more are available in our industry-leading mobile app and desktop platform.

Recently, Mobile Detailer & YouTuber IMJOSHV shared his review of the app with his 150K+ subscribers:

“In order to operate a profitable detailing business, you have to have systems in place that make your scheduling, communication with customers, and accepting payments easy and fast. My solution for the past 4 years has been PocketSuite. Pocketsuite is an online booking app that allows you to do all the things I mentioned and more. From recurring automated messages that allow you to automatically send reminder to your clients to simple payment processing and the ability to add a tipping option! Using pocketsuite has allowed me to free up more time that was spent on running the back end business stuff, which allows me to be more focused and detail more! ENJOY!!!”

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