Pet Care Franchise Suppliers for Train Your Dog Month

Happy Train Your Dog Month, fellow pet enthusiasts! As we celebrate enhancing our furry friends’ skills and behavior, let’s shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes behind every successful pet care franchise – the suppliers. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the backbone of pet care franchise brands: the suppliers who provide the tools, products, and innovations that make training and caring for our beloved companions a breeze.


PocketSuite became the operations system of choice for all Always Faithful Dog Training franchisees in Q4 2023. PocketSuite significantly reduced the time franchisees spent each week nurturing leads and compiling reports, while also improving the quality of data and providing new insights into sales and conversion rates.

“PocketSuite has been a wonderful partner for Always Faithful Dog Training. They have taken the time to understand our business needs and help us to adopt and grow the technology to accomplish our goals. Ben and his team have been competent and accessible throughout the rollout to our franchisees with group video conferences, tutorials, recorded videos and one-on-one support. Using PocketSuite simplifies the start-up phase for our newest franchisees and is essential in customer acquisition, communication and satisfaction as our locations grow their businesses. We are so thankful to have found PocketSuite!” Despy Bales, Vice President of Marketing, Always Faithful Dog Training

With over 7,000 service-based businesses running on their platform, PocketSuite combines an all-in one scheduling, sales and operations tool with roll-up data analytics to power franchise system success. Get connected with them here!


From nose to tail, and everything in between, whether you run a grooming salon, doggy daycare, boarding facility or retail store, Thryv will modernize your animal services business. Thryv is a small business software platform that help franchisors streamline their operations, attract new customers, and grow the revenue at the franchisee level.