Onaroll: The Employee Rewards App – Incentivize Shift Workers to Show Up & Perform

Episode Description

On this episode, we chat with Founder & CEO of Onaroll, Peter Ginsberg. We discuss his tech background, how working at Starbucks inspired the creation of Onaroll, how they use gamification to build sales & retention of workers and the powerful team culture they are building at Onaroll.

Episode Highlights

  • Pete explains how his tech background and working at Starbucks led to the creation of Onaroll (4:12)
  • How Onaroll adopts gamification to inspire and celebrate shift workers (7:07)
  • Why team members are the best recruiters for your store (10:28)
  • How Onaroll uses SMS and a web-based site with no app download or password required to simplify the recruitment process for employees (11:20)
  • The importance of providing feedback loops on a daily basis (13:25)
  • Why team members are obsessed with Onaroll’s jackpot feature and how it helps to drive retention (16:41)
  • Onaroll’s onboarding experience and their Ready…Set…Go approach (21:33)
  • Future ambitions and expanding into other verticals apart from quick service restaurants (23:08)
  • How to try out the full Onaroll’s experience in 32 seconds (26:29)
  • The team culture Onaroll is building (27:43)


  • We inspire shift workers to stay longer and to perform better by incentivizing them to do things like show up on time or sell a certain item or improve drive through speed of service.
    As team members achieve these goals in the stores, they earn points and they can use those points to redeem all sorts of perks (7:15)
  • What we care about is celebrating the team member (23:22)
  • We want to be the best place to work, ever. Lots of companies aspire to have great cultures as they should. It is literally our business, our product to help create this fun and rewarding culture so for us we set the bar very high with our ambitious goal to be the best place to work, ever (27:45)

About Peter Ginsberg
Pete Ginsberg is the Founder & CEO of Onaroll, an employee rewards app for restaurant employees that inspires performance by rewarding shift workers with gift cards for their favorite brands. They offer a free 32 sec demo on their website www.onaroll.co
Prior to the creation of Onaroll, he worked in both the Seattle and New York offices of Starbucks as a project manager, where he helped to create the Siren Ideas innovation arm, an initiative built to explore the landscapes of new ideas, exceptional startups, and unexpected partnerships so that Starbucks continues to lead in retail innovation and to be loved by its customers and partners (employees).

You can connect with Peter on LinkedIn  or Twitter and request more information OR book a meeting on their FSN featured profile page.