Marketing Agency Supplier Discovery Day: Leveraging Technology & Marketing with Scorpion

For over two decades, Scorpion has helped local businesses leverage technology and marketing to reach their goals. Scorpion helps businesses understand their local market and optimize their marketing efforts to drive more revenue. Through award-winning technology and dedicated people, Scorpion helps businesses run their best business—unifying every part of their business towards reaching their goals.

To kick off our recent Supplier Discovery Day: Marketing Agencies series, we talked to Gabriella Ferrara, Vice President of Strategic Sales, Franchise at Scorpion about what makes them unique in the industry.

A few of our key takeaways:

  1. Find your Most Valuable Customer: Utilize A.I. in digital marketing to really understand your leads and find the best customers for your franchise.
  2. Not All Leads are Created Equal: Scorpion uses A.I. help you target leads who are actually leads with an abundance of valuable data for your sales and marketing teams.
  3. Ensure Clean Data: Scorpion allows franchise brands to look at their revenue data and what’s actually driving their ROI.
  4. Ranking A.I.: Prioritize the strategies to do at the local level when it comes to your SEO, based on the needs per location and market.
  5. Leads A.I.: Train your A.I. to actually understand what it means to have intent of a lead so that a lead score can be provided and a value can be attached to each lead.
  6. Increased Transparency: Use data from A.I. to find where shifts need to be made in the approach to closing leads, whether it’s on the sales or marketing sides.

By utilizing A.I. in your marketing strategies, you can gain deeper insights into your local market and enhance marketing campaigns to boost revenue effectively. Watch the full video below to learn more!


Scorpion is the leading provider of technology and services helping local businesses thrive. Get in touch with them here and start your A.I.-powered journey today!