Franchise Supplier Wire 011 – Intent Data Marketing For Franchise Systems

The below is an exclusive offer from Bann Business Solutions:

If you are looking for the best prospects, look no further than the ones who have already raised their hand with interest in your product or service. Regardless if they are or are not aware of your brand! We firmly believe our Intent Driven Marketing program will interest you.

We all know that the best prospects are ones who are already in-market and that’s exactly what our Intent Driven Marketing program brings to the table for you. Intent Data is data offering real world prospects who have already expressed interest in a specific category. They may or may not know anything of your brand only that they have already raised their hand with interest.

We start with your customer data and then layer in unique real world consumer data including both online and offline. Website visits, content, and actual first party transaction behavior are only part of what goes into the program. Our team of data scientists employ an advanced tech stack of AI machine learning to deliver prospect audiences historically proven to respond to products and services like yours with direct mail and digital.

The program is easy and inexpensive to test:

  1. We will provide you with 10,000 records (name, address, email) for the price of $1,200. There are no extra modeling costs and you are free to execute on those records as you wish.
  2. That said, we have a special program offer to provide the execution for you.
    • We will totally waive the $1200 record fee above when we provide execution
    • The program price for the production and mailing of 10K of a 6 x 9 postcard @ $.70/each including First class postage.
    • Email execution only of 10K records @ $.44/record (up to 4 emails per record)
    • Email execution + Direct mail (pricing above) of 10K records @ $.31/record
  3. We will conduct a full matchback analysis to demonstrate ROI

Additional details:

  • Data reflects the modern customer journey across both online and offline touchpoints
  • All data is CCPA Compliant & Soc II Certified
  • Our data team processes 2.5 billion first party consumer transactions annually
  • Records include over 5+ billion brand website visits annually
  • We will create over 1,000 model iterations to identify and optimize your prospect list
  • You only receive records of consumers who have historically or recently raised their hand and are proven direct mail & digital responders
  • No modeling costs
  • Easy and quick to test, deploy and analyze results

Learn more about Intent Data Marketing For Franchise Systems in our exclusive interview with the Bann Business Solutions team. LISTEN HERE WHEREVER YOU GET YOUR PODCASTS