Our Key YoungConference 2024 Takeaways

That’s a wrap on YoungCon ’24! This year was another incredible 3 days of networking, learning & connecting with other Millennials in Franchising and the mentors who inspire us.

There was so much to love about this year’s conference – here’s a few key takeaways we’ll be thinking about for awhile:

Learning from Industry Success

Our Day 1 Keynote Speaker was Scott Abbott, Managing Partner of Five Star Franchising. His insights on overcoming challenges, scaling operations, and creating sustainable success are invaluable for anyone looking to make their mark in the industry. Scott’s emphasis on building strong relationships, fostering a culture of excellence, and leveraging technology has revolutionized the franchising landscape.

Morgan & Devan Kline, Co-Founders of Burn Boot Camp, our Day 2 Keynote Speakers, shared their incredible success story, highlighting the journey of building Burn Boot Camp from the ground up. Their authentic and heartfelt presentation emphasized the importance of balancing business aspirations with personal life and maintaining strong, supportive relationships with franchisees.

2024 Marketing Hot Takes

This panel featured 4 next-generation marketing leaders. In the panel, they provided actionable insights on how franchisors can stay ahead by making data-driven decisions. By harnessing the power of data, brands can ensure they are meeting customers where they are and staying relevant in an increasingly fickle market.

Finding Superstar Employees

Finding and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever, especially with the evolving expectations of the workforce. Our Employee Recruitment panel provided invaluable insights on how to attract and keep the best employees by focusing on culture, perks, and meaningful engagement. Our panelists underscored that while compensation is important, creating a supportive and enriching work environment is key to long-term success.

The Future of Fran Dev

Our panel of FranDev innovators challenged the notion that franchise development is stagnant by sharing how they leverage emerging technologies, unique marketing strategies, sophisticated candidate profiling, and creative lead education techniques. These insights are set to help the Millennial generation become the wealthiest franchise owners yet!

The Magic of Supplier Relationships

Our personal favorite panel shed light on how brands make strategic decisions when choosing suppliers, including the considerations for build vs. buy, the choice between “all-in-one” vs. “point” solutions, and ensuring suppliers align with the brand’s core values. Our speakers shared invaluable experiences and practical advice, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of these essential relationships.

Let’s Talk Money, Honey

In our Day 2 working lunch session, brands with newfound infusion of capital talked about what they said to investors and how they’re using that money for their brand. This panel was a major hit and fostered a ton of great conversation!

Responsible Franchising on our Minds

The topic on everyone’s minds this year was Responsible Franchising. Panelists & attendees alike were buzzing with what it means to them, leading to some great, meaningful connections. More to come on this hot topic!

Shark Tank Strikes Again

After a very competitive 2 rounds, we are stoked that this year’s YoungCon Shark Tank winner is Tiger Adjusters, the first tech-enabled Public Adjusting franchise in the US! A HUGE congrats to our other finalists Musicologie & Tapster, we know all these rising franchise brands will all go far!

Basically, we’ll be thinking about the great content for months to come (or at least until Springboard). Thank you to all of our incredible partners, sponsors, panelists and attendees for making this one for the record books!

‘Til next year,

Zack, Ryan & the FSN team