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Smappen is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people navigate and explore the world, providing an innovative, user-friendly mapping solution that seamlessly integrate insightful data and advanced features to enhance every journey. This all-in-one online platform helps you choose the best location by providing detailed demographics and competitor analysis.

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How you set up franchise territories can either make or break your franchise game. If the territories are too sweet for the franchisees, your business might miss out on some serious growth. But if they’re not appealing enough, good luck finding anyone to join the franchise party!

Designing territories is part of the franchisor’s know-how, and as such, it is at the heart of your franchise model.

No one-size-fits-all rules here because every business has its own quirks, limits and vibes. Still, there are a few basic principles you can roll with to figure out how to design your territories.

Learn in depth about:

  • Understanding Territories
  • Why You Should Define Franchise Territories
  • When You Should Define Franchise Territories
  • How You Should Define Franchise Territories
  • Exploring New and Promising Territories

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