Franchise Supplier Wire 024: How Emerging Brands Can Level the Playing Field

Discover My Franchise is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the franchise selling process. At its core is the Discovery Center, a fully customizable portal that offers franchise candidates a captivating and personalized experience. The platform also includes a powerful Discovery Relationship Manager (DRM), which combines the traditional benefits of a CRM with advanced lead tracking and engagement insights. With the DRM, franchisors can efficiently manage leads, organize contacts, track tasks, visualize the sales pipeline, and gain valuable analytics. This comprehensive approach ensures franchisors can effectively nurture leads, build strong relationships, and close more franchise deals. Discover My Franchise empowers franchisors to streamline their sales process, maximize lead conversion, and drive the growth of their franchise network.

In this Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, Zack chats with Petro Loychuk, CEO of Discover My Franchise, a cloud-based sales tool that offers a customizable Discovery Center connected to a powerful Discovery Relationship Manager (DRM), enabling franchisors to streamline their sales process, nurture leads, and drive franchise growth while encompassing a franchise brand’s image and vision. Zack and Petro talk about the inner-workings of a “Franchise Discovery Center,” how emerging brands are using it to customize their sales process, why a “DRM” is different than a “CRM” and why DMF believes they are the future of franchise sales.

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