Franchise Supplier Wire 023: Using AI to Eliminate Avoidable Expenses

Lineup.AI provides restaurants with an easy-to-use and incredibly accurate forecasting software that equips the C-Suite and managers with exactly what they need, and when they need it, to make better, faster, more consistent decisions toward improving efficiency and increasing profitability. Their innovative solution empowers restaurants by utilizing A.I. technology to interpret and analyze historical restaurant data combined with external data sources to accurately predict revenue based on foot traffic. Lineup.AI combines best-in-class, machine-learning-based forecasts with simple labor scheduling tools to drive maximum profitability. And just like your business, Lineup.AI is always learning and evolving to exceed the demands of the food & beverage industry. They are committed to optimizing our product so that you always have the most accurate data to effectively influence the best decisions for your restaurant.

In this Franchise Supplier Wire Series episode of Modrn Business Podcast, FSN CSO Dean Hatzitheodosiou sits down with Sam Gerace, CEO of Lineup.AI. Dean and Sam discuss the benefits of using AI-powered scheduling and scheduling software for restaurant franchisees to improve profitability and reduce labor costs. Sam highlights its ability to analyze historical data and compare the impact of different holidays on different locations, allowing managers to focus on making decisions based on well-informed information. They also explore the possibility of integrating data from other areas such as holidays into the platform for better understanding and evaluation.

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