Franchise Supplier Wire 019: Strategies for Getting your Franchise Candidates Funded

As the #1 funding supplier choice of top broker networks, FranFund knows what it takes to get a deal done. They have a highly experienced team with extraordinarily low turnover, specializing in SBA loans and ROBS/401(k) rollovers. Known for the best communication among all funding suppliers, they always keep the candidate, franchisor, and broker well-informed and up to date on how each deal is progressing. They know that each candidate has different circumstances, and will never push one solution over another – always tailoring it to each individual based on their situation.

In this episode of the Franchise Supplier Wire series on Modrn Business Podcast, we sit down with Shirley Kefgen, Director of Business Development for FranFund, as she breaks down how to get your candidates funded. FranFund designs flexible, all-in-one funding plans that fit perfectly, no matter how much your franchise or small business grows.

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