Franchise Supplier Wire 018: Enhancing Employee Relationships & Retention through Technology

Small Software helps multi-unit franchise operators create & retain happy, connected, loyal employees. Small Software is an employee relationship management app. Imagine a centralized hub to stay in relationship with your employees and keep them coming back to work. With Small Software you can get off the hiring hamster wheel and keep happy people by keeping people happy. Employees stay longer when they feel connected and respected. Reduce employee “churnover” with better human-to-human relationships.

In this episode of the Franchise Supplier Wire series on Modrn Business Podcast, we sit down with Chris Hawker, CEO of Small Software, as he explains that the QSR industry has high turnover and high turnover due to unhappy employees or people seeking out better opportunities. The company’s purpose is to help reduce labor cost by increasing retention and reducing employee turnover through an employee mobile app that connects the employer with the employee and their phone.

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