Why Your Franchise Brand Needs A Franchise Marketing Operating System

When an entrepreneur chooses to buy a franchise instead of simply starting their own business concept from scratch, they choose the franchise route for a number of reasons. A proven business model, franchisor provided training and support and developed technologies that are already in place, are some of the benefits that come with buying a franchise.

An often overlooked, yet essential part of developed technologies and that is expected of you by your franchisees, is digital marketing. Perhaps it is because many franchisors aren’t very knowledgeable about it themselves, don’t realize the importance of it, may have tried a number of different things that had poor results, or they haven’t been able to find a solution for digital marketing that addresses all the challenges they face, but, it seems that too often, digital marketing gets pushed to the wayside, which isn’t a good idea.

A franchise brand’s online presence is something that cannot be ignored and must be addressed in a scalable and repeatable fashion just like the rest of a franchise system. Franchisors have to deliver on the promise made to franchisees to offer a mature, proven and fully developed marketing system in return for their investment.

However, most franchisors fall short of this. They lack a Franchise Marketing Operating System.

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SeoSamba’s Franchise Marketing Operation System, or FMOS, enables franchisors, multi-unit, and single unit franchisees to manage SEO, social media, performance and content marketing efforts across any number of territories, locations, websites from a single cloud-based interface while empowering local management.

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