FSN Supplier Discovery Day: Employee Recruitment

In our ongoing Supplier Discovery Day series, we tap experts in our network to discuss buzzy topics in the industry. This time, we’re focusing on employee recruitment – a HOT topic right now in franchising (and nearly every other industry).

Jake Fishman dug into the topic with 3 suppliers that assist in finding the perfect management team for your franchise brand:

Here are some of their key takeaways:

  • Creating a strong, human hiring processes will allow you to find the best fit managers for your franchise. Utilizing a company with hiring experts can help franchisors cross the co-employment barrier to make a positive change in leadership.
  • There is a high necessity for delivering an intuitive user experience for job seekers. How they perceive a company’s application process directly shapes their view of the workplace itself.
  • Analyzing ghosted/rejected applications and understanding more about those individuals can help you tailor your future messages and direct budget into areas that will help you find excellent talent in niche areas that will best benefit your franchise system.

Watch here for more Employee Recruitment tips and stay tuned for our next discovery day!