Franchise Employee Operations Supplier Discover Day Takeaways

Over the last 6 months, Franchise Supplier Network has been working with many franchisors to understand their strategic initiatives, projects and requirements for the short and longer term of their franchise network.

One of the running themes is around employee recruitment, training, engagement, satisfaction and retention. With the goal of Franchise Supplier Network to live at the intersection of franchisors and suppliers, we have taken the feedback from our Franchisor Assessment Surveys and Ideation sessions, and grouped together suppliers that revolve around the EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE.

For our latest Supplier Discovery Day series, we identified 9 current (and growing) suppliers that we feel can truly impact and enhance the employee experience: Two Ladders1HuddleWovenUpfrontPushKinSeamless HealthOnarollAvibra, and Delightree.

Here are some of the topics we cover in these info sessions:

  • Understanding the applicant journey and products that impact a direct hire.
  • How reporting and analytics should begin before an applicant ever enters your pipeline.
  • The perception of your business in the eyes of an applicant and how to change it.
  • Using training and development for employee retention
  • Why gamification works for employee training & development
  • What skills & tools successful managers utilize, and how to find/develop managers with these skills
  • The importance of streamlining training & onboarding, and centralized communication & collaboration
  • How to build better employee well-being and satisfaction
  • Tips for streamlining communication and measuring what is important to employees
  • The future of employee benefits + how to save money and improve employee retention

You can watch every sessions on the FSN YouTube Channel HERE.