Franchise Development Technology Supplier Discover Day Takeaways

We recently hosted another Supplier Discovery Day, this time focusing on franchise development technology to augment your fran dev strategy. We spoke with leadership at three companies that create technology to help support and manage franchise development: Jam Hashmi from FranchiseSoft, Nicole Amico from Metric Collective, and Greg Cook from Silvercrest.

Here are some of their key takeaways:

  • You have to innovate your Franchise Sales strategy to allow today’s franchise buyers an interactive way to learn about your brand on-device and on-demand.
  • Speed to lead is a phrase for a reason. To spend money on marketing and then not do everything in your power to work the lead properly is like throwing money away. Automate your process for efficiency without losing personalization through custom texts that are auto-generated. 
  • Evaluate ideal markets for growth and targeting during site selection. It’s important to understand the criteria for a successful franchise territory.
  • Layer on dynamic retargeting strategies to re-engage high valued visitors, and deliver relevant marketing messages.

Click here for more franchise development tips and stay tuned for our next discovery day on Employee Operations, dropping in April!