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Amplifying franchisee support with AI

1977 Glenada Crescent
Less than 10


Who do you serve?


Do you require a relationship with the franchisor?


Approximately how many franchise brands do you work with?

Approximately how many franchise organizations do you work with or serve?

What types of brands do you serve?

Emerging (11-100), Regional (101+), National (501+)

Would you offer special pricing when connected through FSN?

Maybe so!

What industries within franchising do you serve?

Specialty Retail, Health-Beauty-Wellness, Fast Casual, QSR, Full Service Restaurants, Home Services & Commercial Services, B2B, Children's Services, Pet Services, Automotive

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Feb 13, 2024
Franchise Supplier Wire 034: Using Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Franchisee Support with EZee Assist
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Oakville, ON, Canada

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EZee Assist is a platform that amplifies support and strengthens franchise relationships, by using AI to provide around-the-clock support to franchise owners and staff on all operational topics. With turnkey readiness, the solution allows franchisees to get instant answers to their questions. Integrating seamlessly into franchise systems, it ingests all franchise data - including operating manuals, training videos, and communications. Franchise staff then use the solution as their first line of support – asking questions through their preferred channel (text message, email, MS Teams, Slack, etc.) and getting instant responses. For any questions without ready answers, EZee Assist routes them to support staff.

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