DOXA Talent

DOXA provides businesses with full-time, highly skilled, international workers - helping them to reduce their cost of labor by up to 70% while increasing their capacity to scale.

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Best for

    • Franchisors
    • Multi Unit Franchisees
    • Single Unit Franchisees

Ideal Client Size

    • Startup (1-10)
    • Emerging (11-100)
    • Regional (101+)
    • National (501+)



Founded Date 2020

The scarcity of affordable, skilled workers has become a bottleneck for franchise growth, crippling the ability to provide support to franchisees and dramatically increasing labor costs. The struggle extends beyond hiring; retention becomes an ordeal, as the demand for talent inflates employee expectations and turnover rates. Senior leadership within franchise brands need a solution that turns the current labor market into a strategic advantage. DOXA® Talent has deep experience helping companies expand their business and build global teams across multiple continents. We’ve harnessed our understanding of both franchising and outsourcing to develop a better offshoring solution for franchisors: Franchise Talent. This provides access to highly-skilled, international talent for franchisors, franchisees, FSOs, franchise aligned businesses that empowers domestic teams and supercharges growth.