Bann Business Solutions National Home Services DDM Case Study

Bann Business Solutions is a data-infused direct response marketer catering to the franchise industry and Home Service providers. A national home improvement brand partnered with Bann Business Solutions to test the effectiveness of Digital Direct Mail (DDM) alongside their traditional direct mail campaigns. The objective was to enhance conversions and revenue.


  • Duration: 24 months
  • Markets: 20 different locations
  • Campaigns: 30 separate initiatives
  • Control Group: 2+ million received only physical mailers
  • Test Group: 1.7 million received both physical and digital mailers
  • Impressions: 17 million digital impressions


  • Increased Lead Conversion: 33% higher likelihood of becoming leads
  • Cost of Media (COM): 8.75%
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 1065%
  • Incremental Revenue: $5,000,000 attributed to DDM campaigns
  • Revenue per Dollar Spent:** $10 for every $1 spent


  • Higher Engagement: Combining physical and digital mailers boosted engagement and lead conversion.
  • Outstanding ROI: Achieving a ROAS of 1065% demonstrates DDM’s cost-effectiveness.
  • Revenue Growth: An additional $5,000,000 in sales highlighted the significant impact of DDM.

Digital Direct Mail significantly enhanced the home improvement brand’s marketing efforts, resulting in higher engagement and substantial revenue growth. Bann Business Solutions played a crucial role in this success, showcasing the power of innovative marketing strategies.

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