Maximize Your Advertising Dollars with Programmatic Ads

Awarity is an AI-powered advertising platform that helps brands reach their ideal customers more efficiently than other forms of awareness advertising, driving industry-leading ROI through programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising has become a dominant force in digital marketing due to its efficiency, targeting capabilities, and data-driven approach. 

Why Programmatic Advertising? 

Programmatic Advertising provides a way for franchise locations to reach their target audience effectively with localized messaging at the lowest cost possible. Layering on top of your other marketing, CTV and Banner Ads amplify your other marketing channels by reaching more unique people and driving them to your website.

With most households already on Connected TV, the opportunities for reaching your target audience on streaming platforms are endless. CTV/OTT will grow a staggering 53.8% this year! By targeting the end viewer and not the specific channel or time slot, your marketing budget is being used as efficiently as possible. Franchise networks should not wait to take advantage of this explosive channel.

Utilizing HTML5 animated banner ads allows you to engage with current and potential customers across various channels and apps, ensuring your brand stays top of mind. By appearing on websites your audience visit often or adjacent to specific keywords, banner ads reach your target audience where they are already spending time online. 

Adding both CTV and Banner ads to your marketing strategy, your brand will have the unprecedented ability to reach your audience wherever they are for a relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising methods.

Awarity‘s Solution is Uniquely Tailored for Franchises with Personalized:

  • Targeting
    Whether it’s 10 locations or over 100 locations, your targeting is personalized for each local franchise location’s unique demographic and market.
  • Animated Creative
    Customize creative for each franchise location with dynamically updated photos, logos, and colors.
  • Reporting
    Review metrics like impressions, unique reach, completion rates, and top performing zip codes with individual reporting access for each location and roll-up reporting for corporate.

If you want to learn how Awarity can customize a solution to help your franchise maximize growth with turn-key solutions for micro-targeted mass media programmatic campaigns, please reach out to find out how it works!

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