Innovating E-commerce & How Franchise Systems Manage Supplies Procurement

On this episode, we chat with Jason Parrish (CEO, Altus Commerce) and Chris Naso (Product Officer, Altus Commerce). They are technology suppliers with an expertise in e-commerce as well as all things procurement.

We discussed the intersection of e-commerce, supply chain and software technology in the franchise industry. We also looked at the untapped potential of technology and how we can drive top-line and bottom-line value for both franchisees and franchisors when it comes to refining their supply chain processes.

Episode Highlights

  • Jason talks about his background, the first software enablement company he started in 1992, and his career journey
  • Chris talks about his background, what he learnt while working at Walmart and his career journey
  • Jason’s introduction to franchising and the challenges he faced in discovering a SaaS multi-tenet e-commerce platform that always offers a consistent member experience for Orangetheory fitness franchisees
  • What Jason learned from his experience with Orangetheory fitness and how he applied it during the Covid era to the franchise ecosystem
  • Chris describes how Altus Commerce gives franchisees a powerful set of procurement capabilities and the robust B2B solutions it provides to monitor purchasing processes
  • How Altus Commerce makes frontline workers more efficient
  • How Altus Commerce is designed to manage the grandparent, parent and child relationship that occurs in the franchise industry
  • The centralized platform they created to simplify training of users
  • How franchisees can benefit from Altus Commerce even if they already have a robust e-commerce infrastructure


I love to help people architect solutions. I love to be involved in building software products and I love to watch people think through and create the tactics that support the execution of the strategies that drive success for their clients.

What we are trying to do is simplify the supply purchasing process and what we want to do is give franchisees a powerful set of procurement capabilities as an extension to any kind of modern e-commerce platform.

The frontline worker is more efficient, they are not logging into 4, 5, 6, 7 different websites, they are not searching in each of those different websites looking for that approved product or service they need to purchase to run their location or to sell to their member. It’s one login, it’s one search, it’s one product catalog and we are doing the work behind the scenes to bring all that into that one experience.


About Jason Parrish:
Jason Parrish is the CEO of Altus Commerce, a platform that empowers both franchisors and franchisees to drastically improve their supplies purchasing processes. He is an experienced leader with a keen sense of what it takes to build and grow a company based on value.

He led a team to build one of the first Internet Hosting facilities (NAP), which went on to pioneer the eCommerce/CRM industry and was acquired by i2 Technologies in ’99. He also Co-founded a team that pioneered the Web Services and Portal market, and was acquired by iSyndicate in ’01. During his off-hours, he unwinds by exploring music, nature and watching his three children became adults.

You can connect with Jason on LinkedIn or via email

About Chris Naso:

Chris Naso is the Product Officer at Altus Commerce, a platform that empowers both franchisors and franchisees to drastically improve their supplies purchasing processes. He is an accomplished executive and dynamic leader with 10+ years of experience leading teams in successful product design, development, and launch of eCommerce and supply chain software solutions.

He thrives in high-pressure, high-volume environments with the ability to effectively align with and execute on business objectives.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn or via email