4 Tips to Close FranDev Deals Faster

FSN Supplier ClientTether is a franchise CRM program that promises industry leading speed to lead with incredibly fast marketing automation tools. Because being first really does matter, their tools help franchisees connect with their leads over phone, email, and text with powerful, yet simple automation. With a lead connection time of 29 seconds or less, ClientTether can boost your franchisees’ lead conversion, schedule, and close rates by 2-3X.

The same tactics they apply to consumer leads also work to help you close FranDev deals faster:

  1. Text First and Text Fast. Your leads are speaking to 2-5 competitors. Engaging first is the largest predictor of who will win. Text every lead within 1-2 minutes max.
  2. Call All Leads Within 4 Minutes. Texting first and calling within 1-2 minutes of your text will increase answer rates by as much as 40%. Top performing sales teams are on the phone within 4-5 minutes with EVERY lead.
  3. Use Video in Sales Emails. In your first email and throughout your sales outreach, use personalized video. Engage with self-filmed introduction videos, highly produced brand videos and testimonials to increase lead conversion by as much as 3x.
  4. Automate and Nurture. Your team is busy. If you don’t automate initial lead follow-up and nurturing, there’s no way they can keep up or engage fast enough. Automate your first contact and your follow-up, and make sure you’re using more than one channel (sms, phone, email), so you can win faster.

Learn more and learn more about how ClientTether can help your franchise system grow HERE. Want to get in touch with their team? Start HERE!