3 Power Women in Franchising

It’s Women’s History Month and it gives us a great excuse to recognize powerful women in franchising and highlight their achievements. According to Entrepreneur, 31% of successful franchises are owned and operated by women. This number is only expected to grow. In recent data, women have now outnumbered men in seeking information about franchise ownership, especially among Gen X and Gen Y.

Here are just of a few of the powerhouse women in our supplier network:

  1. Sherri Fishman, CEO of Fishman Public Relations: Sherri Fishman has spent her life working in PR specifically for franchises. She started Fishman PR over 30 years ago and she recently received the 2022 Bonny Levine award at the annual IFA Convention.
  2. Elyse Lupin, CEO of Elysium Marketing Group: Elyse Lupin founded Elysium Marketing in 2015. Her agency specializes in digital and franchise marketing. Elysium has won several awards and helped tons of brands perfect their marketing presence.
  3. Carli Showmaker, Owner of Showmaker Productions: Carli Showmaker owns a boutique media production company specializing in franchise marketing videos. She prides herself on capturing high-quality footage in any environment and has the Emmy nom to prove it!

Empowering women in the franchising world will advance the field as a whole. These women (and so many more in our industry) are carrying the torch. We celebrate their amazing accomplishments this and every month!