2023 Marketing Trends from Top Suppliers

Ahead of our first of many Supplier Discovery Days in January, we asked our panelists (executives at 5 top marketing supplier brands) what trends they are paying attention to in 2023. Here are just a few of their responses and some great thoughtstarters as you plan for the new year!


“Consumer privacy is shifting how brands are able to reach and engage their target audiences online. Are you prepared for the evolution of first-party data management and measurement?” Andrew Beckman | Chairman, Location3

“College athletes newly eligible to capitalize on their name, image & likeness (NIL) are excelling as influencers for brands and businesses large and small. In comparison to traditional creators, athletes are 40X more effective at reaching local audiences. With the goal of maximizing local reach and mobilizing engaged fanbases of athletes, we believe NIL changes present a strategic opportunity to create favorable outcomes for franchisors and their franchisees.” Matt Palacio | Director of Business Development, NOCAP Sports

“The importance and reality that AI will play in 2023 + Automated follow up.” Joe Soltis | CEO, ChoiceLocal

“Customer and employee activation: how to activate customers and employees to submit local imagery, share brand content, and @ mention your brand more. Rally your most important people around your brand on social media.” Chuck Goetschel | CEO, Rallio

“More 5 Star Reviews and Referrals – 2023 is going to be a tough year – every lead and every impression will matter 4X more – as such putting your best foot forward is going to be critical.” Bogdan Constantine | CEO, Voxie


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